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Wool Pots

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You can reduce the amount of plastic waste by using Wool Pots.  These biogradable little pots are great for starting off cuttings and allowing them to develop in their pots. No need to transplant just plant them in their woolly pots straight into the garden.  The great thing about wool is, the slugs don't like it, so your tender plants are protected by the woolly rim exposed above the soil once the pot is firming planted in the ground.  The wool allows the roots to develop and is biogradable over time.

That has got to be of  huge benefit for the planet when you realise that 500 million plastic plant pots end up in landfill each year in the UK. 

Spread the word - wool is sustainable, environmentally  friendly, and  biogradable 

Each bundle has 10 small pots and full instructions.  Great gift for the keen and conscious gardener. 

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